gamescom 2019

Elite Dangerous will revamp the newbie experience in September, add fleet carriers in December

Fresh outta Gamescom is the news that Elite Dangerous is cooking up multiple updates for commanders across the galaxy. First up: the September Update. Launching...

Astellia Online is launching on September 27 – here’s what to expect

 German website Mein MMO has a Gamescom interview up that seemingly announces the launch date for Astellia Online. "The release of the western version...

Gamescom 2019: Black Desert’s PS4 version just hit headstart with a new launch trailer

We're down to just under two days to go before Pearl Abyss' popular MMORPG Black Desert PS4 joins its PC and Xbox One crew,...
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Gamescom 2019’s most interesting multiplayer announcements so far

Here's what we've got our eye on multiplayer-wise after the opening night of Gamescom this year - everything from Monster Hunter World Icebourne and Google Stadia missteps to multiplayer Kerbals and Swedish heavy metal rock bands.

Blizzard decides to skip Gamescom 2019 as part of cost-cutting efforts

The con circuit has always been a sort of expected course for games companies to run, like the Tour de France except with less...

Gamigo is apparently going to throw a party in Cologne

"Are you planning a vacation in Europe any time soon? If not, you definitely should," exclaims Rift's official Twitter account as it's being used...

The top winner of this year’s Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships contest is getting a trip to Gamescom 2019

Fancy a free trip to this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany? Then you're gonna want to take stock of ArenaNet's latest Guild Wars 2...