In my grasp.

Riot suspends COO for gross sexual jokes involving farting and touching subordinates’ genitalia

More bad news coming out of Riot Games this week. Kotaku reports that Riot employees have been told COO Scott Gelb is being...
Day, night, whatever.

Age of Wushu Dynasty is coming to mobile

Snail Games has announced that its martial arts MMO Age of Wushu is headed to iOS. Touch Arcade reports that Age...

NCsoft shifts attention to western and mobile markets

Are you excited about the future of (mobile) gaming? NCsoft sure is! The South Korean gaming giant blasted out a press release this afternoon announcing...
EVE Online

CCP would like you to buy some EVE ship SKINS in its cash shop

CCP is ramping up the focus on its cash shop thanks to a new dev blog examining EVE Online's ship SKIN system. Ship...
Cash shops make doggie sad

Here are some cute Elder Scrolls Online cash shop doggies

"There's new stock coming to the Crown Store," ZeniMax says. "A cartful of friendly (and maybe a tad mischievous) new pets" will arrive...

Former SWTOR bigwig dislikes the term ‘whale’

The latest salvo in the ongoing free-to-play culture war comes courtesy of former Star Wars: The Old Republic lead systems designer Damion...
Jef in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls’ road ahead is paved with virtual currency

Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor has posted a lengthy Road Ahead update on the game's website. He touches on...