magic to master

Magic to Master goes crypto, ties down a publisher, and eyes a nebulous February early access release window

With all of the loud goose honking that came out of the gaming industry in 2023, it would be understandably easy to have forgotten...

Gameforge heaps doubt on Magic to Master’s latest lawsuit claims

Last week saw another page in the saga of Magic to Master's revival by Laniatus LLC, when the studio took an offensive posture that,...

Magic to Master dev threatens to sue Gameforge, cancels Kickstarter, and releases new trailer

Laniatus LLC, the company that's trying to revive 2009's Magic to Master, continued to make headlines a couple of weeks ago when Gameforge hit...

Gameforge’s DMCA filing took the Magic to Master Kickstarter down, alleging stolen Metin2 assets

We return to the bizarre and spiraling story of Magic to Master, an old Korean MMORPG brought to Kickstarter by Hungarian studio Laniatus. We're...

The Magic to Master mess devolved into DMCA abuse as Laniatus promises launch ‘regardless of Kickstarter’

We've been trying real hard not to have to write about this game again, but here we are back touching base on the Magic...

The Magic to Master Kickstarter fiasco has become a scandal over Idea Fabrik, Hero Engine, and The Repopulation

Last week, we reported on the dubious Kickstarter of studio Laniatus' MMO Magic to Master, an old MMO being brought back from the dead...
So many intelligent decisions!

No, we didn’t write a ‘testimonial review’ supporting Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master

A couple of years back, we reported on the resurrection of Magic to Master, aka M2M, which along with Laniatus had apparently changed hands...

Magic to Master is a revived free-to-play MMORPG from 2009

Let's take a look at something new, shall we? Well, "new" here meaning "a returning MMORPG from 2009" and not so much in terms...