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SGF 2024: Hands-on with NetEase’s team shooter Marvel Rivals

There are lots of Summer Games Fest embargos still in place and more coming this week, but fortunately NetEase's Marvel RivalsĀ is something I can...

Marvel Rivals confirms launch on Xbox and PS5, two new characters, and a multi-platform beta in July

NetEase's team vs. team shooter Marvel Rivals is spreading its wings to new horizons, as the shooter has just announced that it will be...

Marvel Rivals will revise content creator contract after streamers blast non-disparagement clause

"We'll let you be a supported streamer, but you're not allowed to say bad things about our game." That's effectively what NetEase's Marvel Rivals...

Marvel Rivals discusses adding environmental destruction to a competitive shooter

Generally speaking, the maps of a team vs. team shooter are static; you can blast all of the buildings you want, but they'll be...
Oh, oh, oh, it's Magik.

Marvel Rivals kicks off its closed alpha test on May 10

Is there another faintly superheroic shooter you're over so you want something new to watch? It definitely seems as if Marvel Rivals is hoping...
Please stop reminding me that this game exists.

Betawatch: Throne & Liberty begins signups for its global open beta

It seemed like we would never again hear about Throne & Liberty, given how long globally oriented comms had been silence, but that was...

NetEase and Marvel Games are building a new team shooter called Marvel Rivals, with closed alpha in May

The lack of Marvel in the MMO space has always seemed kind of weird, especially given the vacuum left by the beloved Marvel Heroes,...