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Sony believes Microsoft will ‘continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform’

While most MMORPG players are watching this week's pending sale of Activision-Blizzard to Microsoft because of the MMORPGs, people outside the World of Warcraft...
The yeller.

Perfect Ten: Bad takes about Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard and why they’re wrong

Sigh. So today's column is one that I really didn't have an urgent desire to write, but then we started talking about the various...

Acti-Blizz buyout, day two: Labor, stock, Kotick, and the reasons behind the sale

The news has been flying fast and furious over the last 24 hours since Microsoft announced it was buying Activision-Blizzard for just under $70B....

California DFEH appeals court denial to intervene in Activision-Blizzard’s EEOC settlement

California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing is not about to call it quits on fighting Activision-Blizzard's settlement with the US's Equal Employment Opportunity...

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer advocates for game preservation through emulators

You have probably noticed by now that we here at Massively OP are proponents of game emulators for MMOs that have been decommissioned. Rogue...

Activision-Blizzard workers and industry giants join chorus calling for Bobby Kotick’s resignation

People across the gaming industry are adding to the calls for Activision-Blizzard's Bobby Kotick to resign - or be removed. As we've been covering, earlier...

Gamers welcomed Microsoft’s record-setting Xbox Series X launch with vaping memes

The release of Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series S systems has reportedly been one of the largest for the company, at least according...
If you come to San Francisco...

Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox One, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer vows

At the London Microsoft presser today, Square Enix announced a crapton of its games are headed to Xbox Game Pass. None of them is...

Xbox’s Phil Spencer elaborates on community controls in the works to make Xbox Live less toxic

Jean-Paul Sartre's play "No Exit" provided us with the phrase "Hell is other people," and if you've dared to leave your mic or chat...

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer tries out Sea of Thieves, calls it a ‘magical experience’

For Microsoft, Sea of Thieves isn't some below-the-radar project that's beneath the company's notice. Its Xbox division, in particular, is very keen to see...