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Blizzard starts hiring high-level positions for a new mystery game

Just because Blizzard has canceled quite a few promising projects over the years and suffered shocking layoffs in 2024 doesn't mean that the studio...

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer admits massive layoffs were due in part to gaming’s ‘lack of growth’

Ever since Microsoft announced a wave of layoffs that would affect 1,900 people - over 800 of whom work for Activision-Blizzard - the officially...
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Xbox’s Phil Spencer insists Microsoft’s mass-layoffs position it for future growth, somehow

Everyone just loves Phil Spencer these days, right? Oh, right, all the layoffs. Probably not, then. But according to a recent interview with Game...

Diablo IV lands on Xbox Game Pass March 28, Sea of Thieves will expand to PS5 and the Switch

During the much-touted Xbox podcast this afternoon, we learned not just that only four Xbox titles will be set free for other consoles but...

Microsoft prepares to talk about Xbox’s future in a podcast as multi-platform game rumors swirl

The past several weeks have been some apparently nervous ones for those whose online personas are devoted to Microsoft in general and Xbox in...
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Wisdom of Nym: What the hey is up with Final Fantasy XIV’s Xbox pricing?

In another theoretical timeline, there's a place where Final Fantasy XIV really would have stepped in it when it subtly noted that the game's...

Microsoft lays off 1900 workers: Blizzard sheds Mike Ybarra, its survival game, and its customer support in one day

We've updated this story at the bottom with some of the latest news that has come forth about the scope of the layoffs and...

Bobby Kotick finally departs Activision-Blizzard next week, but Microsoft will keep some of his execs

Bobby Kotick - a man who somehow hung onto his job even after The Wall Street Journal published the revelation that he'd threatened to...
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Vague Patch Notes: BlizzCon 2023 wasn’t a disaster, but it needed to be better

The last live BlizzCon in 2019 was not a great show, but it was fundamentally a hype festival for Blizzard just like they've all...

Blizzard president confirms a focus on mobile and live service games, briefly discusses studio’s ‘new era’

The tide of change is continuing to slip its way across the shores of Blizzard, which is the general tone of a BlizzCon interview...
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Massively Overthinking: What’s next for Blizzard under Microsoft?

So the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is basically a done deal. Oh, sure, the FTC is still fumbling around with hapless appeals, but look,...

Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard buyout is official, Kotick to stay through end of 2023

After nearly two years of drama, UK regulators have finally approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, and Microsoft announced the buyout is official this morning. The...
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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: Keynote takeaways, Dawntrail, and Xbox X|S

The Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is upon us yet again, and as we all expected, we now know the name of the next...

Microsoft admits Redfall is ‘a miss’ but reaffirms its support of the shooter’s development studio

It's a well-documented fact that Arkane Austin's multiplayer FPS Redfall has had a messy launch, with players and critics panning the game, Phil Spencer...

Redfall’s messy release prompts apology from Xbox’s Phil Spencer

Some vampires need to be staked right out of the coffin. This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Bethesda and...
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E3 2023: Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony will all apparently skip the first in-person E3 since 2019

As first reported last night by IGN, E3 will apparently be a low-key affair, thanks to the absence of Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox. The...

Xbox CEO tells workers gaming division job cuts ‘were painful choices’

As readers know by now, last week Microsoft cut 10,000 people from its payroll, many of whom were part of the Xbox gaming division...

Microsoft Xbox boss announces commitments to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch and keep the series on Steam

Last week insider reports said that Microsoft was willing to enter into a 10-year commitment with Sony that would ensure access to the Call...

Microsoft elaborates on its mobile platform hunger, confirms Overwatch and Diablo’s arrival to Game Pass

The vast majority of our readers made the shocked pikachu face when Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer admitted that his company's buyout of Activision-Blizzard is...

Microsoft admits that Activision-Blizzard acquisition is primarily driven by a desire to get into mobile gaming

Those who were questioning the motives and reasons for Microsoft's big juicy buyout offer of Activision-Blizzard need not wonder any longer. An interview with...