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Funcom gets $10.6M investment, signs deal to handle Conan and other RPG properties

Funcom's not quite done with Conan just yet, not by a long shot. The Conan Exiles studio announced today that it has signed a deal...

Conan Exiles is getting a retail box release

Just in case you weren't clear on the point that Funcom considers Conan Exiles to be the wave of the company's future, this should...
Stringing things together.

Funcom CEO suggests that gamers are suffering MMO ‘fatigue’

It's been a good year so farĀ for Funcom with the success of Conan Exiles and the impending relaunch of The Secret World. CEO Rui...
All right, I can sort of see it.

Anarchy Online finally arrives on Steam with $90 level boost option

Sixteen years after its debut, Anarchy Online has just now found itself a new home. After a lot of promises and teases, the long-running...

Conan Exiles is bringing official servers back online, releases dev kit for modders

Conan Exile's struggle to stay on top of the high demand for the survival sandbox and its troubles with shards continues, as Funcom announced...
Come back, bear.

Funcom CEO discusses missteps and the future of the company’s games

It is a very unsettling time to be a fan of Funcom's titles with the news that the studio is actively looking for a...

Funcom financials trend downward, new CEO appointed

While it could have been worse, Funcom's Q1 2015 financials could have been a heck of a lot better, too. In yesterday's financial report,...
Nothing but sad things to say.

LEGO Minifigures Online is switching from F2P to B2P this summer

Funcom has announced that its LEGO Minifigures Online is launching "with full cross-platform play this summer." Wait a minute, didn't this game already launch...