Second Wind

Second Wind is a multi-author column in which the MOP staff revists old games for second and third impressions. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Second Wind: V Rising’s 1.0 build is a fangtastic revamp of the vampire survival sandbox

It doesn't seem possible that V Rising burst onto the scene almost two years ago, but here we are. I sometimes struggle to get...

Second Wind: World of Warcraft’s radically casual new endgame

Today we're going to be dusting off Second Wind, a column where we revisit MMOs of the past. It's an older column, sir, but...

Fight or Kite: Warhaven’s pre-season 2 is super fun but perilously unbalanced

Update: This column was written before we knew that Nexon has decided to sunset the game in April, unfortunately. Consider this our eulogy and...

Progress Bar: Another go-round with cozy ‘MMO’ Palia, this time on the Switch

I'm not much of a console player in general. The controller has always felt limiting to me, especially when compared with the precision of...

Hands-on: Cozy game Fae Farm might strike familiar gameplay beats, but its setting is the sauce

I appreciate how a lot of my opinion of Fae Farm is going to come off reductive or as I'm damning it with faint...

Choose My Adventure: Returning to the very beginning of Lost Ark

I've been away from Lost Ark long enough that I'm effectively being left in the dust in terms of endgame - presumably, anyway -...

Why I Play: Monster Hunter Rise is still worth it one month later

It's been over a month since Monster Hunter Rise was released to the public. I was feeling good about the game during the press...

A sneak peek at Dauntless’ new umbral-charged Escalation and creepy new Behemoth

This coming Thursday, June 11th, will see a fresh update to the monster-slashing online RPG Dauntless, which is bringing improvements to the new player...

MMO Cartographer: Exploring Revelation Online’s Skyward World update

Revelation Online, originally developed by NetEase and published in the west by, recently launched its Skyward World update. It contained updates for players...
Here we go again.

Second impressions: Astellia Online’s launch version is a solidly average MMO

So... here's the thing about Astellia Online. You remember my first impressions piece? I freely acknowledged that the game was fundamentally a fine title...

Hands-on: Neverwinter post-Uprising is a mixed bag for newbies and vets

A long time ago, for a few months after it launched, I was an avid Neverwinter player. I loved its visceral combat, and to...

Generation 3 is basically Pokemon Go’s One Tamriel: How Niantic has actually improved POGO

A lot of critical things have been said about Pokemon Go and Niantic in the past. Professionals that tried to defend certain UI elements still had plenty...
Now, this is important to state: I would also like more robots.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever fallen for an MMO after giving it a second chance?

It's no secret that there are a lot of games out there I fell for on my first try (Final Fantasy XI, World of...

Hands-on with Secret World Legends: A second chance for a first impression

I would like to start this article by saying that there are a lot of things to like about Secret World Legends, but for...