Trove lights up Snowfest, lets players design minigames

Where are you spending your winter holidays? Trove is making a compelling case that you should hunker down in its pixelated, voxelated world for the duration.

The sandbox kicked off Snowfest this week, delivering daily presents to good little boys and girls (and the bad ones too, we suppose). Snowfest also includes holiday lairs, a quest chain that results in a log mount (seriously), a player-designed dragon to craft, and 21 new costumes and mounts.

Trove's update doesn't stop there, as there's a new crafting inventory tab to help keep things straight. The team also added the ability to allow players to create minigames of their own: "Minigames are challenges that put your racing or coin collecting skills to the test in quick matches. When our challenge timer starts at the top of the hour you’ll find a minigame portal in the Hub that you can hop into to test your mettle against players everywhere."

Source: Trove

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have to keep in mind to log-in for daily goodies.

The crafting inventory is pretty generous and frees up a lot of personal storage space. It also organizes things better. Nice.

I'm not sure what to make of the class unlock changes. I'm not sure if it's a net benefit or not for players. I'd guess not, as business models tend to get more aggressive with every small change, but I admit I do not know.