Star Citizen’s Around the Verse: Character customization, concept ships, and the commodities market

Persistent universe fans, heads up: On this week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse, Chris Roberts is joined by Persistent Universe Game Director Tony Zurovec, who explains that his team is hard at work on mission scenario conversion and solar system services — like commodities and shopping.

“The first one of these out the door will be the shopping service, and it’s going to control inventory, prices, and demand levels for all the shops within a system. It’s also going to hook up to the mission service so that low inventory levels will automatically result in the creation of mission to reverse the trend. The mission service is also really interesting because along with a lot of work that’s occurred, it’s also going to allow us to start instantiating a lot of dynamic content for the game. This is all dramatically different than what we’ve had in the game today, which has always been much more static in nature.”

There’s also a studio check-in with the Frankfurt team; a lengthy segment on the Anvil Hurricane, the concept ship that rolled out to buyers last week; and a behind-the-scenes feature on character customization. Check it below!

Source: Official site, Relay. Thanks, captainzor! <3
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No sarcastic memes? Where’s all the nay sayers? Was the ATV content so good that there is no retort? When the content is that good, the pessimists of this game wont comment. The SC criticism is getting soft as it should and will continue to do so. See you all ingame!

Lateris Ablon

This issue of ATV was strong.


They are really thinking the character design though.


Insane character creation features. 12+ apparel slots mapped to the character body. That’s more than any MMORPG, let alone any other game I’ve ever seen. The first game I’ve ever seen to completely solve the clothes/armor clipping problem while still allowing the outfit to free flow without being static. Armor, attire, underwear and even the weapons and gear that slot in your apparel are all separate and do not clip. Any apparel not visible gets completed removed for optimization. Amazing tech.

Roger Melly

Must admit that looks really nice but as more and more time goes by I grow increasingly sceptical about the development of this game and the ability of the developers to actually finish it .

Darkwalker75 .

It depends on how you define finish.
An MMO is never finished, its constantly in development and SC will be constantly evolving long after release.
If by finish you mean release then you should keep in mind a few key facts.

1. Most MMOs or AAA games, take on average 5-6 years to develop.
We just don’t see them or even know about them before they are nearly finished, where as with SC we have seen the development ever since the idea/concept stage.
We are shown what usually happens in silence behind closed doors every step of the way.

2. By comparison SWTOR and ESO took 6 and 8 years respectively to develop, and those games were of far smaller scope and scale than SC are.
Those games were also developed using a tried and tested method(cookie cutter model if you will) that has been used for decades, where as SC is threading a lot of new ground and doing a lot of R&D work for their development.

3. SWTOR and ESO was developed by already well established studios that had both the money and manpower to start full development on day 1.
Where as CIG was actually being build as a development studio while they were at the same time developing the game.
They started as a small company with approximately 10 people and had to spend a lot of time and resources hiring people, renting or buying a locale for them to work in and getting the equipment they needed for the games development.
In short they didn’t have the resources of an already established studio.

Joe Blobers

You mean vaporware or con? Because unless you mean “never finish”, they will have 5 years of development end of Nov 2017, starting Nov 2012 with a team of 12 and 6M$. SC 3.0 is planned in 2017 and SQ42 by mid-2018. Star Citizen being an MMO it will be in permanent development. What we see now is that they do have all pipelines ready to deliver contents. It is coming, not in 10 years but in 2017/2018. With a quality and scope never seen elsewhere.


They even showed some stuff from SQ42 in the background on a Dev’s workstation screen as said Dev was working in it.

Space Captain Zor

I really like the 3Lateral bit at the end showing their work on letting us create character faces. The notion that a slider actually adjusts more than just one thing at a time such that the adjustments are logically bound to human physiology is awesome. That way people can’t just yoink sliders around and make unrealistic and silly looking people.


very much agreed and something they did on purpose as having some freakish looking creature-thing would pull me right out of the game.


Definitely one of the stronger ATV’s of late. The character customization and stuff is definitely worth a gander.