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Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts says the game’s economy simulation tech is still a ways off

Star Citizen's Chris Roberts, bleary-eyed and exhausted from the self-reported "running a company of 630 people spread around the globe, while directing two...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 288: ArcheAge again

Justin, Bree, and Mia discuss ArcheAge 2, TERA, LOTRO, Wizard101, Corepunk, Raph Koster's new MMO, and Star Citizen, with adventures in WoW Classic, SWTOR, Black Desert, Echo of Soul, SWG Legends, and LOTRO, plus a mailbag discussion on the Final Fantasy XI mobile remake.

Chris Roberts says Star Citizen is ‘not a pipe dream’ in spite of taking longer than planned

It's been some time since we've heard a peep from Star Citizen's Chris Roberts -- the 10 for the Chairman video series has...

Star Citizen Live highlights the creation of the music of New Babbage

If you're among the Star Citizen players who appreciate some of the ambient music made for the game, then you'll likely enjoy the...

Star Citizen alpha 3.9 Locked Up & Loaded is live with survival effects, new mission, and prison (!)

It'll probably never stop sounding silly when alpha MMOs make a bit to-do about their patches, but it's gonna keep on happening, and today...

Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium just picked up another $17.25M from investors

Looks like Star Citizen and Squadron 42 company Cloud Imperium just got a bit more rope, as its investor groups have...

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.8 on the PTU, SOCS interview, Pillar Talk, and the BBC Click investigation

Star Citizen is having a huge last week before the holidays. Let's round it all up, shall we? First, the patch: Alpha 3.8...

BBC tech program Click promises investigation into Star Citizen’s delays

No matter what sorts of progress the alpha builds of Star Citizen make, there's always going to be a question of when...

Star Citizen hypes this weekend’s CitizenCon, plans new community hub and free-fly event

We're about to have another big MMO convention weekend: this one for Star Citizen, as CitizenCon begins on Saturday. But as it so...

Perfect Ten: Kickstarter MMOs that raised the most money

The rise of crowdfunding in the mid-2010s swept a large wave of MMORPGs our way that might never have happened otherwise. For a while...

Star Citizen reveals a non-functional $600 ship at a private function for its Concierge level backers

There's apparently another new Star Citizen ship on the way. A pretty pricey one, too. That news isn't terribly remarkable considering some of...

Star Citizen’s new Pillar Talk series stars key devs discussing the 3.6 alpha

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: Cloud Imperium has brought back Pillar Talk as a real thing for the Star Citizen community, and...

Lawful Neutral: The war over Star Citizen in Crytek v. Cloud Imperium Games

Hello citizens! Today, I'm going to talk about a little game that's been flying under the radar and I think deserves some air time:...
It's true and you should say it.

Forbes characterizes Star Citizen’s development as ‘incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale’

If you have only the faintest idea what has gone on with Star Citizen since its initial Kickstarter, a new Forbes piece on...

Star Citizen swaps Around the Verse for Inside Star Citizen as it deep dives its own Cloud City

Around the Verse is back this week for Star Citizen fans, although it's gotten a bit of an overhaul: It's now called
We never claimed to be saints.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts thinks that Anthem is worth saving

Not content to merely oversee the construction of the greatest space sim of all time, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts has ideas how to...

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts dishes on alpha 3.5 and 3.6, including customization, multi-crew, and persistence

There is no Around the Verse this week, as folks tuned into Star Citizen already know - the studio announced last week that...

Squadron 42 studio Foundry 42 is rebranding under Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium conglomerate

Foundry 42, the Chris Roberts subsidiary studio that's been working on Star Citizen's singleplayer spinoff Squadron 42, is getting a bit of...

Perfect Ten: Hit franchises that were almost made into MMORPGs

For my money, there are few more tantalizing and agonizing thoughts than the great "What Ifs?" of the MMO genre. What if one title...

Perfect Ten: MMO arguments we need to put down

You know what I hate? No, not just botting. No, not people with more cash to spend on game development than sense about whether...