SMITE lands dual patches this week, delays Racer Rumble one day

If you are a SMITE dev this week, chances are that you’re probably not getting a lot of sleep. Hi-Rez Studios made it some sort of insane mission to push out two large updates this week, one for consoles and one for PC.

Both consoles got Patch 4.5: Celestial Voyage yesterday. This update came with spectator mode, a visual update to Poseidon, several new god skins, and the 12-quest Celestial Voyage event. Following a short delay, Patch 4.6: Racer Rumble should arrive for the PC tomorrow with more skins and the wacky new racing mode. We once again remind you that April 1st is over and past, so this is not a goof.

As a bonus to all of the patching fun, SMITE is planning a “double everything” event for this weekend from April 14th through the 16th. During this event, players will earn double XP, favor, and worshipers.



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I think it’s pretty cool that hirez is using these adventures to try new things and play around with their game engine. Makes me wonder if they might try to do an MMO of some sort in the future that incorporates a bunch of the stuff they’ve been experimenting with.

Schlag Sweetleaf


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