Black Desert Mobile is launching in South Korea at the end of February

Finally, your long nightmare of having moments during the day when you weren’t able to play Black Desert will be over with the launch of Black Desert Mobile on February 28th. Now you can play the game at home, go to work, play it on your phone until your boss fires you, then go back home and play it more there. Everything will be perfect.

Of course, you’ll first have to deal with the fact that the February 28th launch is just for the game in its native South Korea, but what’s moving across the world to another country where you can’t speak the language when it means getting to play the game for a few minutes longer every day?

We don’t have a date yet for the game coming over to local shores, but all things considered it seems like a likely future. For the moment, though, you can watch the trailer below again if you’re curious. Or just start on the paperwork for changing countries, you do you.

Source: Touch Arcade
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Mr Poolaty

Looks awesome


Does it have a feature to auto-play? If so, no thanks. I like to play games and interact with others, not watch them play themselves. That was the biggest turn off for the lineage mobile game (there may have been other ones, but I uninstalled right after seeing how the auto-play worked).


No auto play that I saw.

Stepparu has a number of videos out there showing off the game play and it’s very active.

Carl Robert

Little do you know some people use a phone app to remote connect to their PC to do simple afk tasks from afar!!

Thomas Zervogiannis

The way they structured the AFK aspect of the game was exactly my biggest pet-peeve with the game, even in its desktop version:

(a) Unlike other games where AFK progression is structured around the concept “real time is an asset, optimize it”, this one locks down your active game play when doing AFK activities (exception: workers), instead of being a scheduled activity. Even worse, most AFK activities still need you to come back every few minutes or couple of hours to click a few buttons then go away again, which is super annoying. AFK progression is not necessarily bad, AFK progression the way this game does it is absolutely horrible.

(b) It requires from you to keep your PC and game RUNNING for hours. While AFK. And many players actually defend this in the forums. I am at loss for words here, really.

Well, now you have a choice: leave your pc running for AFK (!!) probably while connecting to it remotely (!!), or do that in your mobile, killing its battery and possibly overheating it. I find both equally stupid and unnecessary. A scripted offline solution based around “real time as an asset” would simply make both redundant.


Looks pretty nice, don’t think I got a mobile device that can run it tho :/