EverQuest Next may not be F2P

Yes, yes it is.

SOE Daybreak has been all about “F2P your way” for a couple of years now, but comments by EverQuest Next┬ásenior producer Terry Michaels and lead designer Darrin McPherson in a recent dev team Q&A indicate that the business model for both EQN and Landmark is very much up for discussion.

“Not every model for monetizing a game fits with every game type,” Michaels says. “Right now we believe that they’re going to be F2P games, but we’re not willing to say absolutely that’s what they’re going to be at this point in time.”

“We do not want to lock ourselves into one thing,” McPherson continued. “We want to make the best game possible.” Click past the cut to watch the video. If you want to skip ahead to the business model segment, it starts around the 16-minute mark.


[Via: Reddit]
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