Daybreak constricts gamemasters in EQ and EQII


A Massively Overpowered reader named Nick recently alerted us to a new EverQuest II customer support policy he’d been sent in-game in response to a petition, and that document has since been confirmed by a Daybreak knowledge base article updated last night. The new policy severely limits what gamemasters can do to correct what Daybreak is calling “simple gameplay errors” in EverQuest II.

What constitutes a simple gameplay error? Gamemasters will no longer be on call to fix deleted items, accidentally sold items, accidentally bought items, misloots, or accidental modifications of items. “Deleted characters will not be restored,” Daybreak warns, so “feel free to re-roll a new character.”

Of note, the studio says it will not “administrate a guild or intervene in guild management affairs in any way,” meaning that if your guild leader disappears, you’re out of luck: “If your guild leader is absent, please create a new guild of your own or find another guild on the server that meets your needs.” Guild and character renames, the studio recommends, are to be handled with name change potions available in the cash shop.

So what exactly do GMs do now? “Game Masters are available to assist with errors with the game and/or servers” like crashes and rollbacks, writes Daybreak. Classic EverQuest’s support policy has been similarly updated.

MOP reader BalsBigBrother has further pointed out to us that Daybreak has closed down multiple game forums, including EQII’s PvP, events, RP, guides, and fan site forums, in order to “increase efficiency and bring [the forums’] structure in line with community needs.”

[Source: Daybreak knowledge base. Thanks, Nick]

Addendum on March 8, 2015: A reader has alterted us to the fact that Daybreak edited the knowledgebase text referred to here on March 6, the day after this article was published. The phrase “feel free to re-roll a new character,” which was present in the original, has been deleted. The guild management section has also been significantly edited in the new version. The original quotes in our article will remain unedited for posterity. The full and original post is reproduced in the comments below. -Bree

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