Sword and Bored: Health buff


Mo is off to a good start in his MMO. He’s picked his class; he has some sick armor. But before heading out into battle he’s got to buff himself up. What better way to do that than a good hearty breakfast?

This week, Jef and I would like to give a shout out to our editor-in-chief, Bree Royce, for lending her handwriting to the comic strip. As any graphic artist knows, the perfect lettering is really hard to find. Usually, we end up settling on the closest one to what we envision, but it’s rarely perfect. This week, I asked Bree to write out some words and letters on paper, scan them, and send them to me. It turned out perfectly. So the font that you see in Sword and Bored is based off Bree’s own handwriting, and Jef and I love it. Thanks, Bree.

Now on to the comic strip…

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