Banned Cabal II gold buyers called out by GM


So here’s your cautionary tale for today: If you’re going to protest your innocence after being banned from an MMO, then it helps if you actually are innocent.

Several Cabal II players took to the official forums to complain about ESTSoft unfairly banning them from the title. Cabal II Lead GM Lorkan shot back with a detailed transcript of instances of the players purchasing alz (in-game currency) from a third-party site. “You were not blocked for no apparent reason,” the GM wrote. “Violating our policy comes with consequences. With this information. I can guarantee you that you were blocked specifically for alz buying.”

To another player who complained that the GM called them out on the forums, the GM replied, “You’ve chosen to make your issue public. I am addressing them publicly as you have decided.”

There was no word whether or not ESTSoft shipped a bottle of aloe to the former players for those burns.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Khalith for the tip!
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