Apparently Otherland is still being developed


What ever happened to Otherland? Well, it sold a bunch of copies, spawned three sequels, and had its feature rights sold to a film production team that you’ve probably never heard of before sitting in development hell for the past three years.

Oh, you meant Otherland, the MMO! Well, it’s kinda also in development hell, given that it was first announced in 2008, then canceled, then picked up by a new dev studio called Drago Entertainment. As of this week, though, there’s been a bit of an update courtesy of a community manager post on the game’s official forums. The devs have apparently tweaked a lot of stuff including graphics, content, mechanics, and performance. Unfortunately, there’s no firm date for when we’ll get to see the fruits of their labor, as the next play test is rather cryptically described as coming “soon.”

But at least it’s an update, right?

Source: Forums; thanks Kinya!
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