Firefall loses its senior systems designer


Last Thursday the Firefall community had to bid a sad farewell to David “Cloudchaser” Severs, the senior systems designer for Red 5 Studios. Severs announced that he was leaving the studio to take up an “exciting opportunity” at an undisclosed company.

“It’s been an amazing four years (give or take) that I’ve been around Firefall,” Severs said, “two as a player, and two as a designer working on a game I love, and these are memories that I’ll take with me and cherish. From now on, other designers will be taking point on the game’s systems, such as battleframes, weapons, abilities, crafting, perks, elite ranks, leveling, items, and content rewards. You’re in good hands.”

Severs came on board Red 5 in August 2014.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to TheLanteshGuy for the tip!
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