Echo of Soul adds new continent, increases level cap

Nay, thine eyes hath not deceived thee: We are indeed going to talk about Echo of Soul today. It’s been a long time indeed since we’ve heard much from this fantasy title, but at least the word is positive. Echo of Soul released its second content update yesterday, Wrath of the Goddess, and there’s a lot to digest in it.

The tentpole additions for this update are an increase of the level cap to 70 and the brand-new continent of Kharath. This landmass is about two-thirds of the size of the original game’s continent and showcases an empire that’s economically divided into several castes.

Also with this patch, Echo of Soul added several dungeons, threw in some new ultimate skills, and included a pair of high-level hunting grounds. Players will discover that there were some resets that happened with all of the changes, most notably to level 50 soul skill XP and all learned attributes. It’s a rather large update, so check out all of the details in the patch notes.

Source: Patch notes
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