The Daily Grind: What’s the oldest MMO that you started playing well after launch?

Sort of?

Pretty much every MMO that I start playing seriously is a game I pick up close or on its launch. I only start getting invested in an MMO if I want a long-term investment. I think the biggest gap between launch and when I started seriously playing a game is a month or two; most of the games that I’ve played for a long time I grabbed at launch (World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and Star Wars: The Old Republic all spring to mind).

But that is not universal. I have friends who avoided Final Fantasy XIV until hearing people rave about it, grabbing it a year after the relaunch and loving it. My wife first played Final Fantasy XI five years after its domestic release. I know that there’s someone (hopefully reading this site right now) who just bought Guild Wars and will begin playing it with a gusto for the next few years. So what about you, dear readers? What’s the oldest MMO that you started playing well after launch? What finally got you to pick it up, and what kept you playing?

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