No Man’s Sky subreddit loses its space marbles over spoiler streams


The No Man’s Sky subreddit went into wacky meltdown mode over the weekend as players with leaked copies — one purchased for $1300 on Ebay, some that may or may not be “easymode” press copies — have been streaming spoilers from the game. Or fake spoilers as “proven” by evidence collectors, or the mods are locking down everything, or Hello Games is selling you all a lie — depending on your flavor of conspiracy theory. The whole thing is a bit ridiculous, so bring your popcorn if you decide to go gawk.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray, however, recommended avoiding the spoilers:

Don’t want spoilers? Don’t go to Reddit, and don’t watch the videos — but hey, if you can’t contain yourself, here they are.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Cotic.
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