Nexon reports slight year-over-year revenue dip for Q2 2016

Not to be confused with BreakLawyers. That's a whole different game from the start.

Nexon’s second quarter 2016 financials are a mixed bag. The company reported this morning that its quarterly revenues had declined 11% year-over-year, at the low end of its expectations. But its operating income was ¥13.4B yen ($132M), at the high end. Net income (¥7.6B, $75M) failed to meet the company’s outlook “primarily due to FX loss in U.S. dollar-denominated cash deposits.”

Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney touts the company’s acquisition of Korean mobile developer Wellgames and partnership with Japan’s Sansho Studios, promising a “rich pipeline” of both mobile and online PC games in the remainder of 2016, including LawBreakers and Moonlight Blade.

Source: Press release