The Daily Grind: Do you hope that MMOs based on popular franchises return?


Probably what is most upsetting about the current trend of MMORPG development is that most studios seem to have completely abandoned molding online roleplaying games around popular IPs. For a good while there, it seemed that anything that was even remotely big in the geek scene was getting an MMO treatment. And while some never saw the light of day, others launched and brought a lot of excitement and fun to fans of those franchise.

This is not where we are at right now, obviously. Most upcoming MMOs are wholly original IPs, particularly in the west. And while that definitely helps with retaining the rights to games, it’s also disappointing to anyone (like myself) who was hoping that one day we might see that Harry Potter Online or Farscape Unlimited.

Would you like to see franchise-based MMOs make a comeback or are you happy with online games veering away from established universes? As a bonus opinion, what IP would you like to see get an MMO treatment?

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