Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios is working on a new multiplayer FPS with Perfect World Entertainment


Back in October, Evolve ceased its apparently successful revival and moved into maintenance mode, with developer Turtle Rock Studios handing off the game and moving along. It was easy to wonder at that point what was in the cards for the studio’s future, and it appears that question is now answered: the studio is working on a new co-op “dark fantasy” FPS set to be published by Perfect World Entertainment, a name that you’ve heard crop up here with several other titles.

Turtle Rock Studios developed the original Left 4 Dead, so the studio has a long history with the genre; President Steve Goldstein explained that having Perfect World as a partner helps the studio prioritize the game-as-a-service model. There are no details yet on pricing or even a title for the game, but we know that the game is coming; that should be enough to keep you warm if Evolve’s maintenance mode left a chill in your heart.

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