Revelation Online’s scour dungeons are a leveler’s best friend

Revelation Online’s scour dungeons are a leveler’s best friend
Even if MMO titles look similar to past releases, we’ve found that there are always interesting systems and unique quirks to each game that require some effort to familiarize. One of these for Revelation Online is the game’s “scour dungeons,” which are special instances devoted to the fine art of grinding mobs.

This isn’t as bad as it sounds, actually. Every day, players can jump into a scour dungeon to quickly take on a host of mobs and benefit from the experience and loot. In fact, the devs say that these dungeons are one of the best ways to level up and tier up your equipment: “Operating much like a daily quest , you will only be able to kill a certain number of monsters per day in this manner, though the maximum number can be increased over time.”

There’s even an option to morph into an enemy and go about attacking players for fun, if that’s your bag. You can sample one of these scour dungeons in the video below.

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Something about the visual design of this game remains appealing to me…but also a bit off. Every time I see it I quite enjoy it, though.

Just wish it had clicked with me.


Me too. For me it wasn’t the visual style but the amount of pop-in. Couldn’t get used to it. Tried a bunch of stuff to fix it. It only happens for me in this, Archeage, and Black Desert.