The Daily Grind: What will you do for costuming in an MMO?

A lot.

Yesterday, while talking to some friends in Final Fantasy XIV, I noted that 750,000 gil for an item I only wanted for cosmetic purposes was just a bit too expensive for me. Not that I didn’t have the money; that was just more than I was willing to spend for that particular bit of costuming. I have spent 500,000 at a go for certain pieces that were just too perfect, though, and I’d probably do so again.

Likewise, I would carefully time my weekly resets and character projects in World of Warcraft around old raids with valuable (to me) cosmetic gear. I spent most of my money in The Secret World on costume items and cigarettes for roleplaying purposes. I would say, without any real hyperbole, that my motivation for what I do in most games comes down to about 75% “what will look cool on my characters.”

So what will you do for costuming in an MMO? Will you do content that you don’t find super fun or actively dislike? Will you devote weeks of play to a single goal? Will you spend a lot of in-game money? Or do you consider it just a nice diversion not worth really upsetting your normal play time to pursue?

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Zen Dadaist

Uhm… I have raided for months for a particular drop just to wear for the visuals. I have dropped serious amounts of ingame currency on auction houses for items that have an appearence I want.

I’m much less keen on the real money spends for cosmetics however. I think in all my years of MMOs I’ve spent a grand total of maybe £20-30 on purely cosmetic items. (The use of Premium currency stipends from paying a sub notwithstanding.)

I won’t touch cosmetics in lockboxes. Ever.

Kawaii Five-O

I don’t care for gambling at all–I avoid casinos, and I won’t even play poker with friends for real money. Yet somehow, those convictions are tossed out the window when pretty pixels are involved. Besides spending upwards of 40 million gold on a single fashion item in Mabinogi, I’ve spent a disgusting amount of real money (in the 4 digits total) on gacha to get hairstyles/wigs and clothing that I desired in that game.

This is why I now avoid games where all of the neat cosmetic items are locked behind RNG boxes. Even with BDO, at least I can buy the cosmetics directly (even if they are a bit expensive). Even better are games like FFXIV where despite having some cash shop cosmetics, the game still offers an overwhelming and diverse amount of options that can be obtained in-game.

As for FFXIV, I’ve never had to spend much, because I can either craft it myself or it’s a unique dungeon drop anyway. I have spent tens of hours farming content for a specific glamour item or crafting mat, though. Mhachi has been the worst for me in that regard. It took me approx. 35-50 runs to finally get the healer chest.

Robert Mann

I’ll spend a little cash, or a fair amount of in game coin if the gold sinks are: of no interest, too expensive to ever care (I’ll likely be leaving soon, stupid AH and gold grinders ruining another game for my tastes,) or aren’t close enough to desire saving up for them.

I’ll do content I like, but I won’t visit content I do not like much, or am not wanting to play at the time.

That’s it. There’s nothing a game could offer me to make me play what I don’t want to play, and the price can easily be too high.


I have one requirement that must be met before I will ever consider going after cosmetic items: they must not take inventory space. I simply won’t go after anything that doesn’t give me objective in-game benefits if I must give up any inventory space to keep it.

If cosmetics don’t take up inventory space, though, I am willing to do, in order to get them, just about everything I would do to get items that improve my character. With the extra that, without limited inventory space forcing me to choose which ones I will keep, I will eventually go after every single of them, even cosmetic items I don’t intend to ever use; rather than choosing which ones I will get, I prioritize which ones I will get first.

Ironically this means that, despite having a fully upgraded wardrobe in LotRO, I neither go after cosmetic items nor purchase anything cosmetic from the store; while there is dedicated inventory space for the cosmetics, it’s limited, which means I put things I get there but never intentionally go after anything that I only want for cosmetic reasons.

Fred Douglas

To be honest, most of the stuff I do in games is cosmetic related. My mmo barbie game is real, real strong. It’s why I like games like SWTOR, LOTRO, etc. that offer good cosmetic systems.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I have many alts and each one needs to be an individual to me. (If I can’t have individuals, I don’t play.) So, getting each character to look unique is important to me and certainly, their gear/fashion is part of that. I have gone to great lengths and great expense to attain the ‘right’ skins to complete my look– or change it.

Spending cash occasionally is okay, since it supports the game I’m enjoying. Grinding for a while is boring, but doable with a goal in mind. I draw the line at PvP or lockboxes; neither are worth it for me.

Kickstarter Donor

The usual. Blood. Bone marrow. Kidney. Lung. Soul. (Joke’s on them, Nord’s are soulless).

Bryan Correll

Even more than what I would do for a Klondike Bar.

Shiro Madoushi

Probably not much anymore since Trion started censoring ArcheAge costumes for NA/EU this week.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Wait wait, they’re doing what now?

Shiro Madoushi

Well you wouldn’t find it on any forum posts because they deleted anything related to the topic. Two new costumes called the “Careless Whisper Raiment” and “Final Whisper Raiment” were released. The female versions were altered to remove the sheer look of the top.

The original unaltered version was this:
The censored western version:

Their reasoning was that it was too revealing for western audiences.

Kickstarter Donor

Ive paid millions in in game currency for cosmetics many times, I’ve ground content for a week straight or more for a cosmetic drop (and if you know me, you know how much I hate grindy repetitve content). Even games I’ve only played once or twice Ive still dropped real cash in, in order to buy a cosmetic to make my character look better lol

How my characters look is a huge factor for me, so anything that gets them looking the way I want I will do within reason.