No Man’s Sky launches the Prisms update to make the whole game look prettier

There are times when No Man's Sky can be a remarkably beautiful game. It gets even prettier with the new Prisms update, which adds in...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has your favorite combat animations?

When the time comes, almost every MMO has a moment when it's time for you to start cracking heads instead of chatting and socializing....

Leaderboard: What’s more important in an MMO – character visuals or world visuals?

When I first got to Massively-that-was, well over 10 years ago now, one of my tasks became front-page editing, meaning I had to keep...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

The Daily Grind: What older MMO feels like it holds up remarkably well graphically?

I recognize that I may be biased here, but it always surprises me how good Final Fantasy XI actually looks. Sure, there are a lot of...
Sexy, kinda.

The Daily Grind: How much does raw graphical power matter to you for MMOs?

Graphics matter. It's really appealing to go with the general approach of being above simple graphics informing your opinion about a game, but we...

The Daily Grind: What MMO would look the best with a cel-shaded style?

I'm not really over Peria Chronicles, but one of the things that attracted my interest to the game was the loveliness of its cel-shaded graphics...

Take a tour of a chunk of World of Warcraft remade in Unreal Engine 4

There are a lot of landscapes in World of Warcraft that players can't readily forget. The cliffs, valleys, and scrubland of Durotar. The surreal...
We got it back, after all.

The Daily Grind: Would you play an older MMO with completely new graphics?

Gosh, City of Heroes is still a wonderful game... but boy, it really does show its age when I look at it now. The downside...
It's dark down here.

Neverwinter details the creation of Vanrakdoom and the Twisted Caverns

Herein lies the great contradiction for the underground zones of Neverwinter: The designers want you to feel as if you're hopelessly lost within an endless...

Black Desert Online gets ready to show off its remastered graphics

Is it possible for Black Desert to look any more gorgeous than it already does? Kakao apparently thinks so, because the developer has been...
Build a little dark-house in your soul.

Crowfall hosts an hour-long art Q&A stream

When your game maintains an aggressive schedule of streaming, it can be a bit of a problem when your usual streaming host isn't available...
Table this for now. Or later.

City of Titans introduces its costume designer while teasing character creation

We haven't seen the character creation for City of Titans just yet, but you know that's going to be an important part of the...
heard u was talkin shiz

Conan Exiles is working on making the UI more communicative and creatures more expressive

The team behind Conan Exiles has been working hard over the past week, but a lot of that work has gone to the art...

Conan Exiles is moving forward with lava flow and combat revisions

Do you have strong opinions on the flow of lava? It's possible you're a trained scientist who knows when it looks right or wrong,...
We all live in a potentially messy world.

The Daily Grind: How much do aesthetics impact your playstyle choices in an MMO?

How your character looks affects your enjoyment of an MMO. This is almost a tautology; you spent time in the character creator, obviously, so...
GO GO POSING RANGER... wait, wrong one.

World of Warcraft shows off the caster animation changes coming in patch 7.3

Casting spells has been a cornerstone of World of Warcraft since the game launched, and while the models and particle effects have gotten better,...
How are you not playing this on PC in the first place?

Final Fantasy XIV asks players to help design some new furniture

Are there furnishings you wish were in Final Fantasy XIV but keep not getting added? Perhaps you can take matters into your own hands...

The Daily Grind: Do MMOs go overboard with particle effects?

There was an old joke among myself and some of my friends playing World of Warcraft about how it was convenient that bosses are...
El Creepy.

Neverwinter is making maps look creepy again and strongholds more small-guild friendly

The bright side for environmental artists working on Neverwinter's next module is that so much of the content takes place in familiar areas. That...
A lot.

The Daily Grind: What will you do for costuming in an MMO?

Yesterday, while talking to some friends in Final Fantasy XIV, I noted that 750,000 gil for an item I only wanted for cosmetic purposes...