The Daily Grind: What MMO would look the best with a cel-shaded style?


I’m not really over Peria Chronicles, but one of the things that attracted my interest to the game was the loveliness of its cel-shaded graphics and its style. That feels like it’s a bit underserved in MMOs at this point; we have a fair number of games using conventionally lit 3-D models with a very anime influence, but that sort of cel-shaded look that was all the rage for a while in console gaming hasn’t ever come over in a big way. Which I feel is a bit of a loss.

So today, we’re wondering about the MMO that would make the best look of that cel-shading look. It could be the existing models done in that style, it could be totally new models and assets made just to play that look up. It’s not realistic, but let’s play with it anyhow. Would you like to give Star Wars: The Old Republic the hard edges of an animated show? Make World of Warcraft look more delightfully animated? Really throw everyone for a loop with a cel-shaded Ultima Online? The sky’s the limit!

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Castagere Shaikura

I really loved the look of Firefall. If anyone remembers it was a combination of the cel shade with something else I think.


While I like how FFXIV looks now, I would still say FFXIV. And now that I am thinking of it, I really want it!

Oleg Chebeneev

WoW most likely


Probably SWTOR and WoW.

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Emmanuel Carabott

Hmm I’d say Black desert Online… might even help solve the poping issue and improve overall performance too.. Win/Win!


For me cel shading only really works for comic book or anime type games like Champions.

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I think TERA would fit it really well

Robert Mann

Not really my jam, but I hope those who like it in particular get some good titles.

Hikari Kenzaki

None. I’m not particularly a fan and it has to be designed to be that way as part of the game concept to work. Putting it onto an existing game just feels off. I know people like the cell-shaded FX in CoH Homecoming, but to my eyes, it just looks “wrong.”


My vote goes to Star Trek Online.