The Daily Grind: How much do graphics matter to you in an MMORPG?

Anyone who says that graphics in an MMORPG don't matter at all who is not playing a MUSH is gently lying to you because...

Vitae Aeternum: A love letter to all that New World does well

When you spend a lot of time in an MMORPG, it can be easy to become bogged down in all of the game's foibles....
oh no

Blade & Soul’s Unreal Engine 4 upgrade is coming this year in spite of Frontier World’s cancelation

We've updated this article at the end with a big update  - the original story follows. If you were excited about the Unreal Engine 4...

Leaderboard: What’s more important in an MMO – character visuals or world visuals?

When I first got to Massively-that-was, well over 10 years ago now, one of my tasks became front-page editing, meaning I had to keep...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

The Daily Grind: What older MMO feels like it holds up remarkably well graphically?

I recognize that I may be biased here, but it always surprises me how good Final Fantasy XI actually looks. Sure, there are a lot of...
Who taught you math?!

World of Warcraft offers better eye glows and new ray-traced shadows in Shadowlands

If there are two things that are going to define World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, it will be shadows and glowing eyes. Lots of people...
No, you're thinking of a guy with two knives.

Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s upcoming Unreal Engine 4 client from the Korean server

It's a well-known fact that Blade & Soul is getting an engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. How much will that actually do for the...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG has the best graphical appeal in 2019?

I'll have you know that fighting over MMO graphics is a time-honored tradition around here. It's a straight-up RvR showdown between the photo-realism side,...
Sexy, kinda.

The Daily Grind: How much does raw graphical power matter to you for MMOs?

Graphics matter. It's really appealing to go with the general approach of being above simple graphics informing your opinion about a game, but we...

Book of Travels talks roleplaying, meaning, and being an ‘oasis’ in a world of frenetic Steam games

A glossy spread in Killscreen may not be what anyone was expecting out of Might and Delight, the Swedish studio whose adorable little indie...

The Daily Grind: What MMO would look the best with a cel-shaded style?

I'm not really over Peria Chronicles, but one of the things that attracted my interest to the game was the loveliness of its cel-shaded graphics...

The Soapbox: Hoping for Amazon to succeed where Lord of the Rings Online failed

It's not often I really get excited about an upcoming MMORPG. Partly this is because of the industry slowing down, and partly this is...

Take a tour of a chunk of World of Warcraft remade in Unreal Engine 4

There are a lot of landscapes in World of Warcraft that players can't readily forget. The cliffs, valleys, and scrubland of Durotar. The surreal...
We got it back, after all.

The Daily Grind: Would you play an older MMO with completely new graphics?

Gosh, City of Heroes is still a wonderful game... but boy, it really does show its age when I look at it now. The downside...
Pretty, still.

The Daily Grind: What currently operating MMO would benefit the most from a visual overhaul?

Let's stop being realistic for a moment. Let's assume that a game currently running can get a complete visual overhaul. Not changing the overall...
Kate, we have to go back!

The World of Warcraft Classic demo has been cracked open and explored (somewhat)

It is probably not a surprise that players with access to the World of Warcraft Classic demo download have already cracked open the client...

Path of Exile revamps the graphics for its starter skills with new tech

Let's face it, the quality of graphics in a video game, especially online, means trying to forever hit a fast-moving target. What looks good...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs are nearly different games with max settings or upgraded clients?

MOP reader Nibbana has a great question for The Daily Grind today. "So I just picked up Shadow in order to run my favorite...

Black Desert Online gets ready to show off its remastered graphics

Is it possible for Black Desert to look any more gorgeous than it already does? Kakao apparently thinks so, because the developer has been...

EVE Online is simplifying missile rendering to improve performance – the July patch drops this Tuesday

Missiles are a big deal in EVE Online. There are a variety of ways in which missiles can be helpful and important as a...