Path of Exile revamps the graphics for its starter skills with new tech

Let’s face it, the quality of graphics in a video game, especially online, means trying to forever hit a fast-moving target. What looks good today might look like garbage next week. Fortunately, the online nature of a game like Path of Exile also means that the designers get a chance to improve these graphics over time, which is exactly what has been done with the starter skills players will be using from now on.

The prior versions of the skills were among the earliest skills players saw but also among the worst-looking, which meant that they just didn’t quite have the cool factor of later tricks. Fortunately, the addition of new trail technology with the latest patch means that these skills could be revamped to look much better. The designers have even shown this off with a video, which you can watch just past the break.


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Alex Hyer

I don’t know, those effects don’t really seem to match the artstyle of the enviroment around the character.
Looks like cartoon stuff inside of a realistic gritty world.

Bryan Correll

Kinda meh on most of them but I really like the caustic arrow and ice nova.

Dug From The Earth

Wow, the new caustic arrow looks better than the cosmetic effect for the same ability I picked up months ago. lol

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Ashfyn Ninegold

August 31, Delve. Oh, yes.

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, that’s a nice improvement for all those abilities. I like that they’re continuing to update/improve visuals across the game like this, takes a lot of the older/jankier abilities and makes them look more in-line with how the overall game looks after years of updates and visual improvements.