Take a tour of a chunk of World of Warcraft remade in Unreal Engine 4


There are a lot of landscapes in World of Warcraft that players can’t readily forget. The cliffs, valleys, and scrubland of Durotar. The surreal twisting trunks of Ashenvale. The drifting wasteland of Hellfire Peninsula. All of these locations are iconic without any regard to the low-polygon models or the age of the land geometry, but fan Daniel L has gone the extra mile and been remaking some of the game’s iconic landscapes in the far more modern Unreal Engine 4.

After years of work on several different zones, from the Grizzly Hills to Durotar, he’s put together a 12-minute compilation of all the various zone’s he’s done into a single video. It’s an interesting look at a reimagined version of the game, with a definite effort made to keep the basic look and feel of the various buildings intact. Check out the whole thing just below if you like the idea of seeing the game visualized in a more up-to-date setting.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku
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