Black Desert Online gets ready to show off its remastered graphics

Is it possible for Black Desert to look any more gorgeous than it already does? Kakao apparently thinks so, because the developer has been hard at work on a massive graphics update for the game.¬†We’ve heard rumors of this overhaul for a while now, but soon we’ll actually get our first look at it thanks to a public showcase that is scheduled for August 11th in Korea.

The remastered graphics will be broadcast via Twitch on this date alongside the first 4K video of the fantasy sandbox MMORPG. You can get a sort-of preview of this by checking out the Korean Black Desert site right now.

The visuals aren’t the only part of the game that has received a facelift; Black Desert recently remastered its orchestral score as well.

Source: Inven Global. Thanks Vunak!

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