Crowfall reveals how its dynamically generated maps are made


Not all randomly generated virtual worlds are created alike and from the same set of rules. With plans for multiple campaign worlds blinking in and out of existence, Crowfall is putting a lot of thought into the design of its dynamically generated world system. It’s not going to be a mystery how this works, either, because the devs are here to tell you exactly how these worlds are being crafted through specialized tools and systems.

Crowfall’s campaign worlds are created with what the devs are calling a “bottom up” approach which starts with a random placement of resources and mobs and moves up to things like parcels, biome features, and area randomization.

“Previously, adventure zones had to be manually randomized,” the team said. “Now, [Update] 5.7 brings with it the ability to theme a group of parcels. We have different weights for sprinkling resources and NPC’s into parcels in theme groups […] In the future, we will be separating ‘adventure’ zones from ‘siege’ zones — primary activities will be more spread out: adventure zones will still have strongholds to fight over (but fewer of them) and siege zones will still have monsters to fight (but fewer of them).”

Source: Crowfall
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