Neverwinter details the creation of Vanrakdoom and the Twisted Caverns

It's dark down here.

Herein lies the great contradiction for the underground zones of Neverwinter: The designers want you to feel as if you’re hopelessly lost within an endless expanse of stone without leaving you actually hopelessly lost within an endless expanse of stone. So the design for both Vanrakdoom and the Twisted Caverns within the game might have started with the creation of a generalized environment kit, but both locales required the creation of much more specific layouts once the art team moved beyond assets.

While the odds are good that you’ve seen countless different caves over your time spent in MMOs, the goal was not to reinvent the wheel but to great memorable pieces of visual flair and layouts that helped players recognize specific locations even while seeming like the aforementioned identical passages of stone. It’s a bit of a gamble to create a big cavern network with the goals of avoiding players getting lost or bored, but you can check out the full rundown to get an idea of how the challenge was approached.

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