Blizzard memo indicates renewed focus on hiring diversity


Blizzard is doubling down on diversity and inclusion when it comes to its own hiring practices.

That’s according to a leaked internal memo from Blizzard President Mike Morhaime, which Kotaku excerpted in a report last night. Morhaime is apparently spearheading a “global diversity and inclusion initiative” intended to spur on the hiring of underrepresented people inside the company — specifically women, who make up only a fifth of employees, and other minority groups, who make up only 14%.

While Blizzard will not operate under strict hiring quotas, employees are being encouraged to seek out and recommend women and minorities who are traditionally overlooked in the male-dominated video games industry. Networking sessions, mentoring groups, diversity training, and gender summits are also on order, along with fostering a women-centered advisory council akin to the LGBTQ council that already exists.

According to a VentureBeat report last month, Blizzard has more than doubled the number of women chosen for its paid internship program (up 166%) thanks to diversity efforts already underway.

Source: Kotaku
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