The Daily Grind: Are you a completionist in MMOs?

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As I level up my many jobs on my main in Final Fantasy XIV, I feel compelled to take on all of the sidequests meant for leveling from 60-70. This is not, strictly speaking, necessary. Heck, it’s entirely unnecessary at this point; I can just do Alliance Raid roulettes and Kojin quests. But I feel as if I should close out these quests, pick up these little extra bits of story along the way before they become perfunctory.

Some games reward completionist tendencies, of course; Guild Wars 2 maps are designed to be cleared out, to use an obvious example. But none of that changes the simple reality of whether you’re into it or not. So what about you, dear readers? Are you a completionist in MMOs? Are there things you feel compelled to clear out in your game of choice? Or do you take a strictly utilitarian approach and assume that any quests/objectives/whatever that you’ve outleveled can just remain forgotten?

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Zen Dadaist

I used to be. Even now if I get in on the ground floor on a new game, then I find I end up striving to get/do it all until I hit burnout and stop caring :p

I can’t help it, I love alts and I love trying all the different things a game has to offer!

Malcolm Swoboda

Definitely. But there’s a really bad side to this. If the game makes it terrible or even impossible to ‘complete the game’, I disengage. WoW messing up questing order, RIFT’s ridiculous achievements, SWTOR’s broken achievements, nah. The closest I enjoy is competing content and achievements in Secret World.

Jon Camp

I tend to take every side quest, yeah. I don’t feel it necessary to complete every raid or anything like that, but I’ll do solo-able side quests until they’re gone. And do things like this:

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Tobasco da Gama

Yes, largely to the detriment of my own enjoyment. I’m not like a 100%-level of completionist, but the FOMO is very real when it comes to skipping quests.


My game is DDO no way I will ever make completionist (level 20 in all 14 classes on one charachter) in that game, still working on my first reincarnation. Some people seem to have no problem getting there of course.


I try. But it’s more a compulsion than a positive trait about myself that I like.


I love achievement systems, gives me something to do in late end game when I’m not in to raiding. Sadly, I never have enough time to devote to them, but I love they’re there.


Sometimes I mention that I will abandon a game if any PvE content is locked behind PvP, or my deep dislike for content locked behind raids.

Well, this is part of the reason.

When I play a game, I want to see everything there is to see, experience every bit of content the game has to offer. Heck, back when maps were hard to come by I would create my own maps to make sure I had looked everywhere. This does create a problem, though; if any content is locked behind activities I don’t enjoy, this knowledge makes playing the game frustrating, as my choices would be to either not see the content or to have a bad time ploughing through the content I dislike.

End result, I’m far less likely to even consider playing a game where any piece of content is locked behind activities I don’t enjoy.

Jared Buck

Most MMOs have achievements to complete now…SO OF COURSE i got to complete them all!

Raimo Kangasniemi

I’m very much a completionist – I feel I absolutely have to do everything. I react to lack of completeness on my part as a personal failure and that sense keeps nagging at me. Of course, in most modern MMOs it starts to be almost impossible to do absolutely everything before the next expansion hits and adds to the burden of things-to-do… ;)