Secret World Legends to give players another free agent

After listening to fans’ concerns about agent scarcity, Funcom announced during the livestream today that players will be getting another free agent in Secret World Legends this month. Although the specifics are not completely ironed out, it will likely be an achievement reward early on in using the system, such as completing your first non-tutorial mission. The brand-new agent is already sussed out: Her name is Lydia Darling, and she’s a 19 year-old rum-loving witch who is apparently possessed by her late grandmother. Lydia will grant blood magic passives.

Other QOL improvements are planned for the agent system, including integrating the agent passives into the build manager, adding the agent system to the top bar menu, and tying the system into the weekend events. Devs did mention player requests for letting folks browse missions even when agents are out (they are looking into doing this) and adding the hidden fatigue stat to the agent UI that a mod already has (not necessarily looking into doing that).

As every stream includes lots of clamor for Season 2 information (and because Game Director Romain Amiel loves to give teasers), Amiel played a short audio snippet of a very angry Kirsten Geary from the upcoming content. Hear it all for yourself in the stream below.

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