Shroud of the Avatar goes all-in on Star Wars homages


With a revamp on the way with Release 55, Shroud of the Avatar’s East Vauban Foothills is getting promoted from a Tier 3 to a Tier 5 area and is being given greater difficulty to match. Everything in the region has gone topsy-turvy as undead have taken over a village and cultists are taking advantage of the confusion and chaos.

Perhaps a mad scientist wizard shouldn’t have intentionally transformed people into zombies to see if he could cure them? That seems like an ethically questionable move, not to mention a dumb one.

Anyway, last weekend’s Shroud of the Avatar newsletter went on to covering another zone in the works for this month’s patch, the marsh of Norgard Fens. The team is also introducing some blatantly Star Wars-themed items to the game, such as “electric swords,” Stormtrooper-looking helmets, adobe domes with burnt skeletons (Uncle Owen nooo), and, of course, blue milk. Homage!


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Wow, yeah, glad I avoided this one.

A Dad Supreme

Is this still in beta, EA or whatever is considered “under construction” by the industry today or has this game actually launched already and I didn’t notice?


It has launched. Free trial available! The learning curve is a bit steep. If you want to make it a bit easier I suggest joining the official SOTA discord. People including me would be willing to help you out.

A Dad Supreme

Ah thanks. I haven’t seen or heard about any typical gameplay regarding this game thus far so I was curious.

I don’t think I’ve seen any coverage showing of raids, dungeons, PvP or anything meaningful with this title to date.

Everything seemed to be placeholder-type stuff from beta long ago, nothing recent.

I wouldn’t consider joining this game (or any) in today’s market without some extensive video of real players playing so I could see what to expect.

Trials only give you an example of what to expect when you first play the game, not what’s down the line.


Hi, some of your impressions are somewhat correct. There is no raiding in the game, party limit is 8.
PVP will receive its first major update next patch. I would continue watching the game, as every month they provided some very impressive updates.
I will say this, this is my favorite game that I’ve played in over a decade. It really feels like UO 2.0 once you reach the “end game”.

And the community is super helpful!


One of my biggest issues with the game was the lack of structured PvE activity beyond the storyline – it mostly boiled down to mob grinding.