‘Frustrated’ Fallen Earth owners focus on thwarting cheaters, rewriting source code


As the summer has gone by, Little Orbit — the purchaser of GamersFirst and all of its library of titles — has found itself simultaneously frustrated and resolute concerning the issues that Fallen Earth faces. These are, according to the most recent state of the game post, an “ancient mess” of code, server lag, instability, missing source art, and rampant cheating.

It’s this last issue that the company sees as the most dire for the post-apocalyptic MMO, and as such, Little Orbit is working on a “custom server-side cheat detection system” that will be coming to the game without disrupting it too much.

Progress is being made on Fallen Earth in other quarters, too. The team reports that it is rebuilding the core server code (which is about 10% complete) and grabbing in-game art assets to improve and then install into a new engine. The code project in particular is “slow and tedious” — but at least it’s happening.

Source: Fallen Earth
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