Gamescom 2018: Sea of Thieves gets ready for Forsaken Shores


Who did it? Was it you? Maybe it was Jane, because I know for a fact that I wasn’t the one who just called down a centuries-old curse upon the entire crew. How about we blame Jane and go drown our sorrows in grog?

As Sea of Thieves’ team is milling about at Gamescom this week, its members also want to get out the word about the next major content updates after the current Cursed Sails event. This will be called “Cursed Crews,” and it’s all about special cannibals — no, wait, cannon balls — that players can use on each other. The update will also give players the tool to mark their ship on everyone’s world map to either attract attention or warn away others.

After that, the Forsaken Shores are going to open for business. That will bring out island-rending volcanoes, earthquakes, and geysers. Gamescom attendees can get a glimpse of this new biome, but there’s also a brief tease of it at the end of the newest developer update video.

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