gamescom 2018

SoulWorker addresses PvP, login rewards, and the future of the game

Yesterday, the folks at GameForge posted a new Q&A video that was recorded during Gamescom 2018, in which SoulWorker Product Manager Noemi and Live...

New World interview covers sandbox design, hosting tech, combat, death, and more

New World, Amazon's in-development MMO, has been something of a mystery until the last few weeks, but information is now coming out faster and...

Dual Universe AMA tackles questions about alpha testing, LUA scripting, combat, and more

Novaquark, developer of upcoming voxel-based spacefaring MMO Dual Universe, has posted an AMA of all the questions asked by fans during Gamescom 2018. The...

Gamescom’s 370,000 attendees set another record for the biggest European gaming show

Gamescom continues to kick butt and take names - 370,000 of them, in fact. That's how many people showed up in Cologne to attend Europe's...

Gamescom 2018: Torchlight Frontiers’ demo sparks interested queries

The team at Echtra Games certainly has its hands full with showing off Torchlight Frontiers at Gamescom and fielding countless questions from fans and...
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Gamescom 2018: World of Warcraft dives into Azshara’s backstory and hosts a concert

It turns out that Blizzard was saving something special for Gamescom 2018 after all. At the show, the World of Warcraft studio unveiled the...

Gamescom 2018: Crowfall offers starter pack sale, talks Pre-Alpha 5.8

The team from ArtCraft is busy drumming up excitement over Crowfall at Gamescom this week. In addition to handing out t-shirts like there's no...

Nostos is Netease’s ‘open-world multiplayer VR game’ – and it’s built with SpatialOS

Nostos is one of the more interesting things to come out of Gamescom this year. As Upload VR writes, the Netease title is basically...

Gamescom 2018: Sea of Thieves gets ready for Forsaken Shores

Who did it? Was it you? Maybe it was Jane, because I know for a fact that I wasn't the one who just called...

Gamescom 2018: Fallout 76 video covers the basics of C.A.M.P. building

"When your home looks important, you are important!" One of Fallout 76's key features for its persistent world is player housing -- or what Bethesda...

Gamescom 2018: MapleStory 2 sets October 10 launch date

Some players are bursting at the seams to take MapleStory to the next level -- and the next dimension. Fortunately, the wait for them...

Gamescom 2018: Torchlight Frontiers gets gory and goofy in its first gameplay video

As Perfect World is giving Gamescom attendees a look at Torchlight Frontiers' demo this week, those stuck at home can at least soothe themselves with...

Gamescom 2018: Blizzard’s Overwatch D.Va animated short and Busan map, Diablo comic, and Hearthstone Puzzle Lab

Blizzard's been busy at Gamescom this year. As promised, the studio delivered the Overwatch goods bright and early this morning for the Cologne audience:...

New World preview from Gamescom slips into the wild as Amazon announces alpha signups

The first previews of Amazon Game Studios' New World MMORPG are finally trickling in from Gamescom just as the wraps are coming off the...

Overwatch teases LEGO crossover with half a dozen minifigs, animated short coming tomorrow

Blizzard dropped a fun teaser in the middle of Gamescom this week that seems to imply an Overwatch LEGO crossover. The brief video appears to...
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Gamescom 2018: The Division 2 reveals its special edition pre-orders and trailer while fans speculate on price

If you want to play The Division 2 ahead of its proper release date, you'd better be prepared to drop some money. The various...

Gamescom 2018: Blizzard announces Diablo’s Mephisto for Heroes of the Storm, Tychus and crew for StarCraft II

Blizzard is rolling into Cologne with a bunch of Gamescom reveals for some of its titles, two of which are on display already today. First...