New World interview covers sandbox design, hosting tech, combat, death, and more


New World, Amazon’s in-development MMO, has been something of a mystery until the last few weeks, but information is now coming out faster and faster. This week, GamerHubTV posted an interview from Gamescom 2018 with Patrick Gilmore, Studio Head at Amazon Games, regarding New World’s Gamescom demo.

In response to the interviewer’s suggestion that New World “feels like an evolution of Rust,” Gilmore says that although the devs were inspired by survival-crafting games of that ilk, they “really focused on going beyond that to incorporate more traditional MMO elements,” with a focus on creating a sandbox where players can “chart their own course through the world.”

Gilmore also discusses some of the technological aspects of the game, such as its scaling tech that will allow the devs to host a single game simulation “across multiple instances in the Amazon cloud,” letting the game scale based on the number of players. The interviewer describes New World’s combat as something of a cross between Rust and Dark Souls, and Gilmore notes that the development team is aiming to create a non-tab-targeted combat system that rewards player skill.

Gilmore also confirms that death in New World will be something of a big deal; although players will get to keep anything they have equipped upon death, items in their inventory will be fair game to looters. To hear everything Gilmore had to say about New World, you can check out the full interview below.

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