Nostos is Netease’s ‘open-world multiplayer VR game’ – and it’s built with SpatialOS


Nostos is one of the more interesting things to come out of Gamescom this year. As Upload VR writes, the Netease title is basically a big, juicy, cel-shaded online VR RPG with JRPG stylings that may or may not be sandboxy but it definitely “open-world.”

The trick is whether it’s an MMO or MMORPG or something else entirely. According to Netease, the game isn’t technically an MMORPG – just an “open-world VR RPG with online elements.” Indeed, the demo appeared to allow just four players for multiplayer. However, the game is based on SpatialOS, which as our readers will know is specifically built to facilitate large numbers of players in MMOs. In fact, last month Netease announced it had invested $50 million into the SpatialOS company with plans to use it for multiple games – including, apparently, Nostos.

“Leveraging Improbable’s SpatialOS simulation technology, the world of Nostos will have players adventuring through a massive seamless open world as they face unexpected meteorological phenomena, build new wonders and encounter intense combat, all hot on the heels of the apocalypse. By working with this cloud-based platform, NetEase will provide players with superior physical simulations and an unprecedented virtual world experience.”

Pretty, right?

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It looks interesting. Although I have not done much with VR, I have this feeling it’s going to make me soo sea sick.

Kickstarter Donor

Well damn.

Robert Mann

Somewhat interesting, at least. I’m still not sure VR is ready in my books yet (still needs some work on things like lighter and cheaper headsets, along with some other improvements) but… at the least this seems like a title that might be worth playing if the rest of it was there.