Gamescom 2018: Blizzard announces Diablo’s Mephisto for Heroes of the Storm, Tychus and crew for StarCraft II


Blizzard is rolling into Cologne with a bunch of Gamescom reveals for some of its titles, two of which are on display already today.

First up: Heroes of the Storm has announced Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, the latest Diablo franchise character to port over to the MOBA. “In his Heroes incarnation, Mephisto is a deadly mage who thrives on momentum-based combat and rewards an aggressive playstyle,” says the studio. The game is also getting a facelift for the HOTS version of the Hanamura Temple battleground “to emphasize team fights,” complete with layout tweaks and new payload mechanics.

Then, over in StarCraft II, players are seeing the return of Tychus Findlay and his complete crew.

“Tychus is the first Co-op Commander where players can control a small squad of elite units with specialized skills. Players who enjoy controlling smaller armies composed of powerful Hero units will especially like Tychus. We’ve designed each Outlaw around a well-defined role and we think they all stand out as distinct, fully-formed characters.”

Seems a safe bet that Blizzard is merely getting started here on Monday morning. Stay tuned!

Source: Press release
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Sally Bowls

“BLIZZARD ANNOUNCES DIABLO” might have raised some people’s hopes before they got to the HOTS part. Hopefully, there are lots of new announcements. I have not read enough to know whether I am supposed to be excited about the RTX 2080 Ti but Gamescom is always a good news time.