Roleplay-centric Project Oasis World fails to fund


It has certainly been a rough summer for Kickstarter MMORPGs. On the heel of a pair of failed projects from last week comes the news that Project Oasis World did not come anywhere close to its rather modest $25,000 campaign goal by the end of its month. The money was to fund a “stellar demo” to raise further interest in the game.

That’s a shame, too, because this virtual world sounded interesting with its roleplay bent: “Project Oasis World is a new MMORPG that aims to create a living, breathing online world. Our unique player run economies are what make Project Oasis stand out in the MMORPG world. Imagine hundreds of players interacting with each other in a free open world sandbox environment. You choose who you are, what you wear, how you get around, how you earn your living, how you spend your free time. Your only goal: to live.”

The intriguing thing about the project is that the game world takes place on islands that had isolated themselves from society and formed their own civilization. These islands then became incredibly desirable as a refugee destination once a plague triggered a global apocalypse. A good a reason as any for a sandbox!

Source: Kickstarter
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