Fan video covers the rise and fall of the EverQuest franchise

Power whelming. Power with just the right amount of whelm.

If you read MJ’s recent column covering the history of the EverQuest franchise, you may find yourself quite nostalgic for Norrath. In that case, we have another trip through the past for you to enjoy, this one from YouTuber Nerd Slayer.

As part of his “Death of a Game” series, Nerd Slayer looks at the rise and fall of the EverQuest franchise as a whole. He starts with the amazing success of the initial game, the attempt of EverQuest II to compete with World of Warcraft, and the ultimate demise of Landmark and EverQuest Next.

Despite the title, this video does treat the franchise from an affectionate and well-informed angle. It’s an interesting watch, and it’s all yours after the break. What do you think? Will Daybreak ever revive the EverQuest franchise or have we seen the definitive end of this era? Let us know in the comments!

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