China’s delays on video game licenses may last another 4-6 months

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It’s been a bit of a rough go for games in China recently; Monster Hunter World was the first massively popular game we watched slam head-on into its new licensing standards, and juggernaut Tencent lost a huge pile of value thanks to these new regulations. And it looks like it’s going to take even longer to get better, as it appears the nation’s new regulations and licensing will take 4-6 months more to be fully prepared, not the 2-3 months previously predicted.

The result has been a freeze on a fast-growing game market that’s gone from huge growth to almost nothing for the first time in years. For quite some time the government has even been quiet about the fact that new licenses were not being improved, exacerbating the issue. We hope that Chinese gamers enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because that’s going to be the newest release in the country for a while, it seems.


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Ooph. Sorry, Chinese gamers!

I mean imagine if we were them, and regulations just stopped new games from being released in our area for months.

Those pirating and doing shady stuff will still pirate and do their shady stuff – we’re talking about the legitimate gamers that buy their games that are being hurt here, and should put ourselves in their shoes rather than taking pot shots at China (hopefully the comments doing so will end up being removed so you don’t know what I’m talking about).


It takes time for Chinese game companies to copy other countries games and then re-release as their own. I can understand the delay.