Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases wildlife, highlights horse-taming, hunting, and fishing


The official Red Dead Redemption 2 Twitter has been abuzz this week with a series of tweets showcasing the natural fauna of RDR2’s wilderness and highlighting some of the game’s wilderness-survival skills such as horse taming, hunting, and fishing. According to one tweet, “The diverse habitats and climates of Red Dead Redemption 2 are home to around 200 species of animals, birds, and fish, all of which behave and respond to their environment in a unique way.”

Of course, no self-respecting wild-west hero can be without a trusty steed, and RDR2 will provide players with 19 breeds of horse that can be captured and tamed in the wild, purchased from breeders, or straight-up stolen, as players so choose. Players will also have ample tools to be self-sufficient frontier survivors thanks to the game’s hunting and fishing systems, through which players can acquire a variety of valuable resources, such as meat for food and skins that can be made into warm clothing for those cold nights or simply sold for a bit of profit. For more details about surviving and thriving in the wilderness of RDR2, you can click on through below to the game’s official site.


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