You can play long-sunsetted Motor City Online offline thanks to emulation


If you were gaming back in those heady MMO days before World of Warcraft, you probably remember Motor City Online, a short-lived racing MMO put out under the Need for Speed banner and then canned in 2003 by EA in favor of The Sims Online, which itself was canned in 2008.

Life as an MMO is horrifically unfair.

However, if you’ve ever wanted to check it out in person, now you can. As YouTuber LGR pointed out, players have hacked together a tool to help players download and run the original game. The downside? It’s not online; it’s purely an offline emulator, but it does allow you to check out the long-dead game right now.

Source: PC Gaming Wiki, LGR. Thanks, Minimalistway!

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I remember this, but never played it. Looks kind of PSX-y.


I think I will pass on this one. My minimum graphics for a racing game are NFS Underground 1. This one has so much dull and gray colors, also the textures look too low-res, the rest looks fine.