The Daily Grind: Which MMO ability makes you feel ultra-awesome?


“Ultra.” I’m bringing it back, people. You’ll thank me later.

In any case, a skill or ability that makes you feel incredibly awesome is all in the combination of presentation and results. It’s got to look terrific and then be highly impactful in some way. It’s probably 45% of what made City of Heroes amazing, because even the most mundane power could make your eyeballs weep with joy upon witnessing their execution.

Which MMO ability makes you feel ultra-awesome? Which hit that sweet spot of thrilling visuals and devastating execution that give you a buzz each and every time you use it?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Alex Willis

This is going to be super-specific but:

It’s more of a “move” than an ability. In Warframe’s open world areas, you can jump (or bullet jump) into the air and activate your ArchWing, which is a robotic flight suit. There’s something really awesome feeling about ninja leaping 30 feet up and transitioning into a supersonic death machine, and hitting the accelerator immediately and just rocketing away from everything. It feels Transformery and when timed right (like when you’re in a rock tunnel and surrounded by enemies), it is just…amazing.

Aiun Tanks

Sith Warrior in SWTOR – leap+smash combo. You literally leap into a pile of enemies and fuck them up in only a couple movements, with meaty, crunchy, weighty sound effects. It’s the ultimate power fantasy. Especially with that lion-like roar.

I know the Jedi Knight has moves of equivalent mechanical effect, but they are nowhere NEAR as badass in their execution and flair.

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Loyal Patron

Arcane Singularity in Neverwinter. Nothing quite feels as good as dropping a mini-blackhole on your enemies and watching them dragged into it.

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RESPAWN it is the ability to rule all abilities :)

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Rees Racer

In actuality just a mediocre channeled ability (even before it was nerfed into the ground), Mind Flay for my Undead Shadow Priest in the earliest days of WoW and through Burning Crusade felt extremely gratifying, both in PvE, but especially in those nascent days of PvP. Any skill that earns the term “face melting” is, as the title suggests..ultra-awesome!


This was what instantly came to my head. The absolute best feeling during the golden era of WoW was ‘flaying someone during an Alterac Valley melee and watching them melt before your feet after they finally manage to waddle to your position. God, I miss those days.


Classic EQ1 Spirit of the Wolf. If you could cast SOW, you were a god and pretty much worshiped by all players you came across.

Druids were the hotness back then, because not only did they get SOW at Lvl 14, they also got the ability to port themselves and groups all over Norath. Back in the day, nothing was more valuable than a Druid that could bind themselves at their camp spot, port back to town to sell everyone’s junk, then port back to the camp. All in a matter of minutes.

You really had to be there to understand how powerful, sought after, and appreciated Druids were in EQ1 during the first years of the game.


There might not be any logic to it, but that’s how it is with feeling it is just something that clicks.

Healing with that WoW shaman heal that jumps to nearby players (forgot its name).
CC with Neverwinter control wizard (no idea if that is still a thing or the same as I have not touched Neverwinter for years).
Some Warframe abilities such as Ivara steal+invisibility or Limbo stasis+rift and more.
And a ton of Eq1 abilities because no other mmo really comes close, mentioning enchanter mez(cc), enchater charm (controlling creatures), bard swarm kiting, necro (fear)kiting, beastlord defensive disc, feign death, darkness snares, timed stuns to interrupt creature casting, CoH pull splitting (summon a non feign death puller), aggro pingpong dot snaring, beastlord mgb paragon, enchanter share illusion or druid shared wolf form.


I’m a Mirage evangelist for this very reason. Awilde has a clone army who has their own army of flying imaginary axes. Pulling off an ambush with all three clones out is a beautiful sight to behold, as a good half-dozen or so axes all converge on the target. and that’s not getting into the joy of watching Phantasmal Duelist blaze away mightily. And the best part is: Things die. Fast. On a condition build!

Of course, this also means requiring a full set of viper’s and ohhhhh the pain the pain.

But still. Mirage 4 lyfe yo. “A simple distortion and… tada!”

Mykal Quinn

Mesa’s Peacemaker feels pretty damn awesome killing everything basically instantly. Most Warframe abilities are designed to cater to those looking for a power fantasy.

Skyforge’s abilities look and feel pretty awesome as well, but that’s all the game really has going for it.


Haste or Heroism style buffs. When I played WoW my Shaman would cast Heroism at a the peak of a boss fight and everyone got taller and would speed up. DDO play has my bard popping haste on everyone for the same idea. Sometimes I will just jumpcast it in public areas on groups of people just for fun.